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Fitch (Seller Skeptic) Lies and makes frivolous claim to BBB

Charles Fitch once again reports Joe and his business to the Better Business Bureau. 

BBB Property

This is Fitch's latest stunt in a pathetic attempt to damage his business.

Fitch reports Joe for making video's against Fitch, for apparently owning this website (this is joint owned), and for being 'abusive' to eBay customers and makes an amusing demand for Joe to pay Fitch $100,000 in damages.

Fortunately, the BBB already know about Fitch given he's done this before (see below) and he's now infamous on the internet as an internet predator who's a 'tough guy on-line'....

Obviously the complaint has now been discarded.

Here's a copy of Fitch's epic claim


As stated above, he has done this before ... click here you will see how all this started for Joe, and at the bottom of the page you will find Fitch's video where he actually recorded himself reporting Joe to the BBB because he renounced Fitch. On his YouTube video text he stated "this will all end for you Joe if you unblock me and continue making video's about eBay"

Or you can watch the same vid below..


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