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Fitch so sad and desperate !

This encompasses Fitch's very sad and desperate attempts to get attention - he's actually asking women to do a video where he'll pay them (yeah right) to say they love him - we kid you not - check out the article below  - here's the link (it's been replaced with Fitch's Amazon scam) and we're pretty sure he'll accuse us of creating this post - in usual 'Fitch' style !

We are simply showing the level of depravity he will sink - it explains a great many things about this man - he is getting no real attention from women so he has to obtain it through his scams, threats and bullying - he is clearly a very sad, bitter, angry - lonely man!




Chunky sent Joe a BOGUS "LEGAL" LETTER pretending to be a lawyer. In the video below, the letter is analyzed and determined to be completely fake.



'SMV' Another Fitch SCAM Company

Hello guys thanks for the access. I just did a search on the interenet and found this - notice the part about 'not in good standing' LMAO!! Note for everyone....I did not have to pay for this information - it was freely available on the internet using google ... Proof Here ! and here's a link to my associates site detailing a load of threats and bullying by Mr Fitch on the arcade community again Fitch Threats ...I guess I'll now start getting similar threats !!- Bothered !!! If you want me to add anything else just PM my user 'KLOV2040' 



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