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Abuse/Bullying/Fraud Articles

Jason Decanio's cyberstalking & bullying horror story

The story of Jason Decanio and his stalking/bulling horror - at the hands of eBayisajoke "Charles Fitch".

This is what Fitch (ebayisajoke) does to people - REAL people!

Please watch the videos below - Jason has been relentlessly bullied by this man!


Jason Decanio - One of many victims of the Fitch (ebayisajoke)


and Fitch's reponse...

This is one of Fitch's worst videos - this is a response to one of Jason Decanio's videos that he did after Fitch (ebayisajoke) continued the harassment and bullying.

Fitch clearly enjoys bullying, and slandering him, he even has tried to call his business to defame him and the intention to get his employment terminated

To Fitch (ebayisajoke) this is all a big (no pun) joke.

If you are offended by vile and disgusting language and images - please do not watch ! Fitch has used one of his sex toys to vent his point ! Over 18 only.


Fitch (ebayisajoke) inciting hate & harm

This is Fitch (ebayisajoke) now inciting harm to Joe's YT by offering $100 for assisting with ebayisajoke's quest to get Joe off YouTube. Presumably this also applies to attacks on his business like he has done many times before in the same way Fitch offered money to gain information on individuals (all documented on this site - and on forums etc) 

This is typical behaviour of a demented lunatic who has exhausted every avenue of removing Joe from youtube.

It's very simple he's publicly inciting hate towards Joe by offering funds to 'harm' his YT account.

And to be clear - WE have NEVER asked for money for help exposing and bringing Fitch to justice - everyone who contributes to this site are all volunteers. Not one individual has been paid for creating, working on, contributing or publicizing this site - it's ALL down to the dedicated support from many individuals who are tired of Fitch's abuse, bullying, scamming and extortion.

click on the image to view the video


 Just an accompanying video showing that the recent illegal 'bounty' on Joe came from Fitch's site.

click on the image to view the video


Hypocrisy Continues by Fitch (ebayisajoke)

Fitch (ebayisajoke) is posting another individuals details (with slander) on his page - didn't you say such behaviour is illegal Fitch ? Why is hostgator permitting this Mr Fitch?

"Nothing is more unjust, however common, than to charge with hypocrisy him that expresses zeal for those virtues which he neglects to practice; since he may be sincerely convinced of the advantages of conquering his passions, without having yet obtained the victory, as a man may be confident of the advantages of a voyage, or a journey, without having courage or industry to undertake it, and may honestly recommend to others, those attempts which he neglects himself."


Same old Tirade from Fitch

Fitch is now saying that our friend Joe is responsible for all his recent 'attacks' and it's all simply because Joe disagreed with Fitch regarding eBay & PayPal. As you can see he cannot conduct himself with any decorum - just vile rants from his basement!

Folks, Joe did actually oppose Fitch when he started getting 'orders' from Fitch to block YT users and it was revealed that Fitch was telling everyone that Joe was on Fitch's team - Joe assumed Fitch had 'issues' so he blocked Fitch and moved on...this clearly upset Fitch, and it's painfully clear to us that he certainly could NOT move on...

A few months later Joe decided to tell his subscribers his place of work and the business he was in since he was asked many times. Unfortunately, Joe had no idea that Fitch would still be stalking him...

From that point Fitch posted YT videos on Joe's business, slandered Joe, made a frivolous report to the BBB, continually purchased Joe's eBay items - did not pay - then reported Joe to eBay. This continued for many months (on and off) - when Fitch became bored Fitch attacked Joe.

Eventually Joe like any normal person had enough and started to fight back on YT - we saw this and many other similar crimes by Fitch so S.I.F.T was created - we decided that Fitch needed exposing for the vile, disgusting, scammer & liar he actually is.

We are no longer going to play tennis with Fitch - he can post whatever he wants and try to intimidate people with his 'list'. The bottom line is no one cares what Fitch says - he's just a petulant child throwing a tantrum!  We shall continue to post 'on topic' articles about Fitch, we no longer need to rebut his ramblings - the last few posts on this site clearly show the type of man he is - anything more is unnecessary.


More Fraudulent actions from Fitch.

Here we see Fitch claims Joe has an arrest record in Albany County via As usual this is a complete fabrication - Albany County (NY) is not even listed on this site - FAIL!


Read more: More Fraudulent actions from Fitch.

More Fear Tactics by Fitch!

The delusional mind of Fitch continues... Can you believe that he has the audacity to say and "Eye for an Eye" and claim this latest stunt  (instilling fear to anyone that dares to fight against him) is direct "retaliation" for articles posted on this site (information that is public domain). Folks, this site and its content were constructed years after Fitch started bullying, blackmailing and scamming. You can see from the articles posted here (and on the many other sites) that this is what he has done to others for years.

This is all part of his game to make people afraid to fight back. It's very simple Mr Fitch - this site would not be in existence if you did not harass, bully, blackmail people - and until you stop sites like this will continue to appear. It's way too late to start throwing the victim card now - way too late Fitch!! The world can now see for themselves the type of vile & sad individual you actually are - and of course you don't like it - you're an absolute hypocrite !

As for the $200 - this is just an embarrassing and desperate tactic - Folks this man would not pay you a dime - just as we know for sure that if we dropped a hammer it would certainly fall to the ground - this type of absolute constant applies to Fitch when it comes to parting with what little cash he has.


Perverse & Disturbed Fitch

Fitch's petulance has progressed to using disgusting images to vent his indignation - the image clearly shows what perverse 'solitary' acts Fitch does behind closed doors. Why would anyone in the right mind spend his time engaged in creating such filth - remember this is a man in his 40's - we are not in the least surprised given his previous behaviour ! 

We have censored the image since we undertand that this would be offensive to normal members of society.



Fitch's Revised Letter

What is amusing is AFTER this video was released Fitch corrected all the errors and published a NEW document as a pdf on his site - yes a 'legal' document for everyone to see (he's actually bragging about it). However, all the errors are not explained or mentioned. He is deluded if he expects anyone to take him seriously! 

In addition Fitch wanted this video removed, he goes on about all this FREE publicity so why get this removed - simple, he didn't want this exposure! Now he cannot get this removed so he continues with more lies and deception - the difference is this required much more effort - flagging a video is easy - this made the lazy sociopath to respond with more desperate, futile attempts to hide his lies - too late Fitch !!!

Check out the revised letter after we 'educated' Fitch on his poor grammar and naivety ! - It has less spelling mistakes now but it's still written terribly  !!



Immature and vile tirade from Fitch !

We agree totally with Calvin Cardoza & Spokonzaga's comments ....

"I'm unsure if Chuck only has the mentality of a criminal or true psychiatric disorders that's associated with it. I have never seen a grown man behave in such a way, it's like a child stuck in a grown man's body. I still don't know if he should be thrown in jail directly or get help because he's sick minded." 

Spokonzaga's response...
Both should happen. He is mentally ill from the last 4-5 years of complete immersion in himself and his shill and identity fraud operation. He is a danger to all future people online and anyone who browses the web and who do not understand the person they think they are dealing with.

The vile and immature tirade from Fitch on Joe's picture below renforces the above...

firch insults

More threats towards Joe !

We witnessed on Joe's YT page numerous threats from Mr Fitch today - It's not hard to ascertain that this guy's a couple beers short of a six-pack - check out his rants !!


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