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Fitch Bullying/Fraud/Harassment Videos

This section shows video evidence of Fitch (ebayisajoke) Bullying, harassing and committing fraud against Joseph Demarco. Fitch continually states that he has done NOTHING to Joe and of course he has removed these videos from YT  - fortunately for us they have been donated by one of our supporters who has also been a victim of Fitch. So he decided to download Fitch's incriminating actions for everyone to see when Fitch inevitably denies he ever did these actions and remove the videos  - This is "classic" Fitch - "I've done nothing to anyone - they are all against me !" - Wrong !!!

These videos :- 

Fitch spotted bullying/harassing Joe on ebay
Fitch makes a frivolous report to the BBB
Fitch makes a frivolous complaint to eBay to defame Joe
Fitch impersonates an FBI Agent to Harass eBay

were downloaded in August 2012 (when Fitch uploaded them to YT) - Joe started doing videos about Fitch in early 2013 after months of harassment and bullying of this type. (The rest of the videos are recent attacks). As you can see folks - Fitch is a compulsive and prolific liar, scammer, bully, thief and stalker - the infamous cyber criminal !

We've also added a video where he impersonates an FBI Agent to harass eBay into revealing the identity of an eBayer!

Update : Another supporter has added new videos of Fitch's real voice. These videos have been converted so their audio format is changed to that of  normal speech frequency and as you will hear this is the same voice of FITCH - we can and WILL do this to any of his incriminating videos - so it's no pointless for Fitch to continue disguising his voice - it sounded silly anyway !

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