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Fake Legal Letter from Fitch

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This video reveals the lies and blackmail towards Joe as a result of him fighting back against Fitch. The errors are ludicrous and it's painfully obvious that a lawyer was not responsible for this document. What is amusing is AFTER this video was released Fitch corrected all the errors and published a NEW document as a pdf on his site - yes a 'legal' document for everyone to see (he's actually bragging about it). However, all the errors are not explained or mentioned. He is deluded if he expects anyone to take him seriously! In addition Fitch wanted this video removed, he goes on about all this FREE publicity so why get this removed - simple, he didn't want this exposure! Now he cannot get this removed so he continues with more lies and deception - the difference is this required much more effort - flagging a video is easy - this made the lazy sociopath to respond with more desperate, futile attempts to hide his lies - too late Fitch !!!

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