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Jason Decanio interviews Joe regarding his stalker & bully Charles Fitch

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Joe a guest on the Jason Decanio show talking about his cyber stalker Charles W. Fitch.

Fitch stated he would not even listen to the show, yet in classic Fitch style he could not stay away and he trolled the guest chat area (See Below the ramblings of a loonatic).

He also claims that he got the interview removed after reporting Jason to UStream - WRONG ! - We anticipated he would do this, so we backed up the interview.

12:51 ebayisajoke: ustream is shutting this thing down in a few minutes

12:52 ebayisajoke: and dildos he puts there too

12:54 ebayisajoke: thanks you watch them tho

12:55 ebayisajoke: yeah tell the story

12:55 ebayisajoke: this is boaring

12:55 ebayisajoke: the info is wrong on it, I could care less.

12:56 ebayisajoke: go get laid gators

12:56 ebayisajoke: jason you are a dumb idiot, wait till my radio show airs

12:56 ebayisajoke: is my blog

12:57 ebayisajoke: hahahahahah he's a lawyer now

12:57 ebayisajoke: All your info is going up on the site jason, you and owned fatty

12:57 ebayisajoke: I heard the lawyer didn't return his call??

12:58 ebayisajoke: should have gone about this different Jason, I would have given you air time and a lot more listeners.. lol

12:58 ebayisajoke: I don't care about you Jason, I am going to remove your photo too, but my focus is on Joe and removing him from ebay

12:59 ebayisajoke: k9 is the best gators

12:59 ebayisajoke: licky lick

12:59 ebayisajoke: eat up the attention gators, its the only attention you will get

12:59 ebayisajoke: btw, my lawyer isn't going to call you back JOE, he's retained you dumb ass

1:00 ebayisajoke: Theory now.. lol

1:00 ebayisajoke: I'll do your next show jason if you ask him my questions

1:00 ebayisajoke: the lawyer was retained, thats why he didn't call him

1:02 ebayisajoke: I don't need anyone else.

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