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Fitch (Seller Skeptic / Ebayisajoke) Sinks to a new level of depravity

Fitch finds new level of depravity


A few years ago when Joe's mother was dying Fitch and Koon insisted this was a publicity stunt to gain popularity and publicity - see video below..

Well it seems Fitch and Koon have been trawling the internet and have indeed found Joe's mothers public obituary.

Now, instead of their promised public apology, Fitch has sunk to a new level of depravity - see screenshots from his site below. There is only one type of individual that can produce such depravity; a deranged, disturbed, sick, decrepit and diseased psychopath...

2018 08 30 at 1.49.40 PM


fitch Joes mom

This is what a damaged / diseased mind looks like !

fitch teeth

Fitch (Seller Skeptic) New location..

Since Fitch loves to DOX people online, here's his new location


Fitch's primary weapon that he will use to attack and blackmail is called Doxing. He will trawl the internet for days, weeks, months even years to ascertain personal information on his victims, he will then use this information to blackmail the said victims for his own gains and amusement - it's his way of showing others what will happen to people that dare to fight back against his acts of cyberbullying and scamming

So in Fitch's classic style - here is his current location since he moved from Canton.

33267 Lancashire Street, Westland, Michigan, MI 48185

Fitch location2

Fitch Location1


Also we've located his current employer - Detriot Thermal Systems

Please click the image below to see Joe Demarco's video page on this subject.


6505 Cogswell St. - Suite 100
Romulus, MI 48174


BTW Edmund (heinous) Koon is back with the trolliing and bullying with Fitch (Seller Critic) ..So here's his latest mugshot..

koon twitter 

Charles Fitch (eBayisaJoke/Seller Critic) - Committing Illegal Frivolous Reports

Proof !!! - Fitch has committed an illegal fraudulent fire hazard report


Fitch (eBayisaJoke now Seller Critic) has been caught out making an illegal fire safety hazard violation report on Joe Demarco's business.

As you can see below, here's a copy of the actual report that Chuck Fitch sent to the BOROUGH OF ORADELL government department stating Fitch has been inside Joe's store and observed numerous fire prevention violations.

This is blatant proof Fitch continues to waste his life away harassing people on-line, yet he stated to Rob Wolkeck on Fox2 News that he does not harass anyone ! We shall be contacting the various agencies in New Jersey and in Michigan reporting this frivolous claim solely to harass, stalk and bully (all which Fitch denies).

Fitch's actual email was obtained by requesting it via the Open Public Records Act (OPRA)
Screen Shot Fire Report

This is what this eBay Critic (online stalker, bully, scammer & terrorist) looks like 

fitch teeth

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