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Fitch (Seller Skeptic / Ebayisajoke) Sinks to a new level of depravity

Fitch finds new level of depravity


A few years ago when Joe's mother was dying Fitch and Koon insisted this was a publicity stunt to gain popularity and publicity - see video below..

Well it seems Fitch and Koon have been trawling the internet and have indeed found Joe's mothers public obituary.

Now, instead of their promised public apology, Fitch has sunk to a new level of depravity - see screenshots from his site below. There is only one type of individual that can produce such depravity; a deranged, disturbed, sick, decrepit and diseased psychopath...

2018 08 30 at 1.49.40 PM


fitch Joes mom

This is what a damaged / diseased mind looks like !

fitch teeth

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