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Fitch's friend - Ed 'Doc' Koon - Troll and Bully from Clearwater Florida (Fitch's SideKick)

Introducing Fitch's friend - Ed 'Doc' Koon the Troll, Stalker and Bully from Clearwater Florida

koon twitter

Fitch has been helped by this apparent "neutral" individual "Doc" an Edward / Edmund Koon from Clearwater, Florida.

 We have held off naming him on this site (we will not be posting his address) however, he seems to think it's fine to harass, bully, slander without any form of consequence. In addition, "anyone" who dares to fight back against Fitch or disagrees with their skewed view of the world, ultimately ends up on Fitch's and Koon's sites. 

kooncomputerDoc is another bitter man who hates eBay and Paypal hence their "partnership", you may have seen him on youtube. The hypocrisy about this man is simple; he insists that he is "neutral" yet he turns a blind eye to the continued attacks and bullying Fitch does - he never "documents" anything Fitch does to his victims, he just (in his words) gives his (biased) "opinion" on Joe, Jason, Pete and anyone else who fights back against Fitch - Indeed in one of his videos Doc seemed apparently proud of the fact that he trolls and makes people's lives a misery - "ebayisajoke is damn good troll!!" 

Doc continues to state that anyone who fights back or is friends with Joe is either an eBay/Paypal or Lithium employee - "shills" is his favorite word. We certainly will not give Doc any "major" attention on this site, however, we fail to understand his motives; perhaps Fitch is blackmailing him or he is just bored and this gives his life purpose - but we feel it's important you all see the type of individual this "Doc" character is ....

Recently Joe's mother was on her death bed, she only had a few days to live, so Scott (Joe's friend) stepped in for Joe to do his usual friday YT video, Scott also arranged some of Joe's facebook friends to say some kind words regarding Joe's terrible situation. Fitch and Doc insisted this was all lies and a publicity stunt orchestrated and "ordered" by eBay - sheer lunacy!

Doc went further to insist that Joe shows him the obituary for "proof" of her death (she was actually very close to death at the time of Doc's rant) - absolutely sickening - they claim they showed some empathy on one of their "online conversations"....does this sound sympathetic and empathetic to you?

Given Fitch likes to lie and joke about having cancer; it's not hard to decipher (after hearing Koon's disgusting words) why they both are so attracted to each other.

BTW Koon claims to be a devout Christian - again....absolute hypocrisy!!! 
How would his church view the comments made by Koon in the video below (about a man 
whose mother was close to death) or his stalking, trolling and bullying antics - would they continue to hold this 'Christian' in high regard? ...... We doubt it !!

7145984 doc55

We also found a great site which appears to be dedicated to him with some interesting picture and information that details more of his harassment and how he slandered his church once someone reported his vile behaviour to his pastor.

See him at his new site created by his YouTube victims

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