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Chuck Fitch (ebayisajoke) "The Million Dollar Pro"

Fitch is now using "The Million Dollar Pro" Persona


Fitch is still slandering various individuals including (you guessed it) Joe and Jason. Notice in the example below he tries to disguise his identity by refering to his "other" persona ebayisajoke in the third perspetive - yet he claims he is not trying to hide.... FAIL !!


He and his long term flip flopper Keith D. are wasting their time making the same old silly photoshopped images. All this shows is the level of their depravity, indeed it was only a few months ago where keith actually recorded himself walking into Walmart, then to a member of staff and asked "Do you know Jason Decanio", then walked out... Incredible !!

We have left them both alone, yet they continue (probably instigated by Fitch) to persist with this nonsense - it makes no difference to Joe anymore, it's now becoming very old, and if they want to do this until they depart from this planet then that simply shows how pathetic and sad they really are....YAWN!!!

Remember, this is what "The Million Dollar Pro" Looks like !!

6176178 orig

Fitch (ebayisajoke) now threatens to spam the media to bully !

Fitch now adds "spamming" to his repertoire of threats & bullying......


YAWN - MORE threats, bullying and manipulation by Fitch (ebayisajoke). This time he is threatening to spam various media organisations in an attempt to stop people fighting back against his continuous slander, defamation, bullying, scamming and harassment.

He actually believes that people will take him seriously after all the exposure, he's deluded and disturbed. He goes on to say he will have Joe in court when his "lawyer" serves a defamation case against him, and that everyone else who fights Fitch will be brought in on the proceedings....again classic Fitch M.O. use fear and manipulation to force compliance....hundreds of people have seen or heard the same threats before! 

People no longer see "ebayisajoke"; they see a sad, lonely, bored, singleton called Charles W Fitch of Canton Michigan.

As usual Fitch uses foul language to make his point during his insane rant!! (We've also included his last bullying tirade video aimed at Jason)

After watching the videos above - check out this video below 

Here is an excerpt from a video he did last year where he claims to not hurt anybody and he does not care if his details were published online (before he admitted he was Chuck Fitch). Remember, for about a year he claimed that the "individual" on this site was not him and stated it was someone else - obviously all that changed once the Fox 2 reports were aired.

This video emphasises Fitch's insanity - he actually believes his own lies, how else can he sustain all his lies for years - "I'm innocent, I've done nothing to nobody, I'm not harassing anybody etc"

His recent spin about helping people get back on eBay and that eBay is no longer the 'monster company' that is not so bad after all. This is just another pathetic stunt to try to establish credibility - the problem with this's too late, the world know what he has done to individuals who fight back.

For more on this recent Fitch eBay "flip floping" (which he constantly accuses Joe of) see Spokonzaga Pete's new video by clicking here.

This video is shows the origin of the above Fitch video for completeness.

This 'creature' continues to place a "bounty" on Jason Decanio's channels

Also his "gun" video he created (again to intimidate) referring to that "glock" he "keeps" for "self defence" has been outed by a YTber - seems this SME was not too impressed with Fitch's fantasy (check out his final comment...LOL!!)


Remember!!!! This is what a spammer, bully, troll, stalker LOOKS Like - who claims he does not hurt anybody but PayPal & eBay - Hmmm!!!


Fitch (ebayisajoke) slanders the Canton Police Dept

Fitch (ebayisajoke) publicly slanders the Canton Police Department and the Judiciary 

MI52582It would seem that Fitch who claims to have connections with the police does indeed has "issues" with his local police department. It would be really interesting for anyone to inform the department what Fitch has been writing pubicly and establish Fitch's agenda with the posts below..The main point here is he does not care who he attacks, slanders or defames - he is not right in the head !


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