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Fitch (ebayisajoke) the nasty, horrible bully, and troll !

Fitch has recently gone on a tirade of making severe threats, manipulation and bullying 

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Here you can see Fitch's attack and continued bullying towards Jason Decanio and Joe Demarco. He is claiming that he will be sending a DVD of Jason's videos reacting to Fitch's bullying, accusations and harassment (we all know that Fitch just does this to manipulate Jason into reacting) to his employer and sending his details to a mental health unit. 

Please note: Fitch shows his true colors in this video and indeed this is what he is without the 'act' - this is raw Charles W Fitch from Canton Michigan - along with a lot of foul language...

Also, he has recently uploaded another video which shows how he gets back on to sites that require telephone verification - this is fraud, dishonest, and against their TOS. This is one of the many techniques he uses to get back on to sites and services that have banned him. This is how he manges to keep on getting back on to YouTube with similar or the same account names even though his accounts have been terminated over and over for bullying, scamming, harrasment and severe violations etc.

In addition he has been stating that he will pay (yeah right!) any individual that will get Joe, Jason, Pete and Moomert's YouTube accounts closed down - seems he needs help to do his dirty work!


Fitch is asking for the org chart of the employee details at eBay infact he states that he will pay $500 for this private information - note: he cannot resist asking for help to get Joe shutdown.


Check out the disgusting, vile comment that Fitch left for Pete on his channel that Fitch cannot resist trolling...

Fitch (ebayisajoke) continues the attacks on Joe Demarco (HubcapJoe) and Rob Wolchek

Fitch is trying to close down crazeenydriver (hubcapJoe) and Rob Wolchek

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 18.55.13

Fitch in his continued and persistent degenerate ways has now changed his attack style on Joe (hubcapjoes). Clearly his last stunt of the magazine mail fraud scam failed, he has now decided to attack Joe (his crazeenydriver channel) in the same way he attacked this site when it was hosted in the U.S. by using the DMCA process. These video's that Fitch has claimed he owns copyright are Joe's own works which he filmed himself - it's unbelievable!!

Unfortunately, Youtube simply accepts the DMCA, does not investigate it, takes the video down and even worse places a violation strike on your account - three strikes and the account is terminated. This is done without any human reviewing the allegations, they will simply wait for Fitch to issue the court order which he must do within 10 days, otherwise the video/s will be reinstated.

It's ludicrous that the DMCA law is open to such abuse and nothing seems to happen to the perpetrators of such abuse given that it's a federal crime - words fail !!


 Fitch has used the name Keith Detwiler who has been a constant pawn in all this, one minute he is helping Joe then he is working with Fitch again. We cannot be bothered with this individual, he is just being used by Fitch. Fitch is the problem and until the law, youtube, social media sites permanently ban this individual from a computer - this form of stalking, intimidation bullying, scamming will never end until the individual does everyone a favour and leaves this 'internet highway' for good. 

Fitch has also falsified a copyright claim on behalf of Joe himself to get hoodieboy's video (about Fitch being outed on Fox News) removed from YT

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 15.47.25

 See Joe's Message to his friends and subscribers "Goodbye YouTube" 

We wonder who will Fitch harass on YT next - this is all he does, so we're sure someone else will be in his targets soon - unfortunately for Fitch - he will choose the wrong individual at some point and face the consequences.

Please Sign the Petition to help Joe

and write to youtube's press office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Fitch seems to be enjoying all this !

In addition to all this Fitch has gone on the attack against Ron Wolchek by calling his employers - classic Fitch !!

And if you think Fitch with his recent statements of feeling "sorry" for Joe and a public apology will resolve and put an end to his bullying, harassment and stalking - well this is how he makes deals & agreements - very honorable and shows Fitch's integrity or lack of it !!

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 00.54.21
So that was the deal had a better idea...adding blackmail to the agreement...
Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 00.53.41
Fitch really did enjoy playing Jason like that, it's all about power, control and manipulation - shameless !!!

Take a long look at this disgusting excuse of a human being, this is what a bully, stalker, liar, scammer - LOOKS LIKE !!



Fitch (ebayisajoke) commits fraud again to implicate Joe Demarco and bullies a 'single mom'

Fitch the scammer and now 'mail fraud' criminal & 'single mom' bully !


 Update 11/04

Fitch has now officaly blamed Joe Demarco for this "setup" that he has created..

fitch mail

Update 11/14

About a week ago Fitch claimed Joe was the culprit for the 'serious' crime of subscribing the New Yorker magazine on Fitch's behalf. Now Joe is back to suspect status, what is the reason for this change of 'certainty'? Simple, it provided Fitch an avenue to punish Jason Decanio for not engaging with Fitch's sidekick for a mock 'interview' about this 'important' situation. Fitch has tormented and bullied Jason for months and he will use any opportunity to publicly harass him. 

This is just another example of Fitch's compulsive lies, slander, defamation and what a guy !!!


See Jason's official response on his QueensNewYorker Channel

Our partner site has created a great article regarding Fitch's latest fraud scam. Can you believe it, he has now fabricated subscription to the "New Yorker" magazine sent it to himself and is blaming Joe with threats about getting Joe arrested for mail fraud etc.

We know Fitch lies just to get Joe into trouble, remember the PPO, the twitter lies (see Below)..this is just another stunt.

Twitter Lies

PPO Lies

All Fitch does is spend his waking hours attacking Joe on YT and with any silly scheme this one-cell can dream up.

Check out the article at


Oh and check out this latest message from the guy (Fitch) who claims (on camera) that he does not threaten, stalk, harrass ... charming !!!

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 11.37.54 AM

Check out the video below where he harrasses and bullies a single mom.

Fitch (who cannot find work) spends all his time on his computer seeking out other YouTubers videos regarding eBay.

In this instance he started trolling a YTber who makes videos regarding selling on eBay, the individual (who is a single mom) had enough of this behaviour and blocked Fitch. Well as you can see Fitch was enraged and decided to bully her via YT - doesn't this sound familiar, this is exactly what happened to Demarco - Fitch will obviously deny this, however, this is what happens when you block a petulant lunatic - he cannot let it go - he has a compulsion to punish them - it doesn't matter who it is - or how this may affect them at an individual level - he does not care !!


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