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BREAKING NEWS - Fitch (ebayisajoke) is back in the HALLLL of SHAME!!!!!


Well Folks, Fitch has once again landed in the Hall of Shame for a second time, we suspect he will be a permanent fixture for all to see !!

Rob Wolcheck


We would like to thank "wholeheartedly" everyone involved in getting Fitch exposed for the second time...

Joe Demarco 'crazeenydriver', Pete 'Spokonzaga', 101, Moomert1, Jason Decanio, Matt Zolo, Neil from Brighton Beach, Blue Angel Host, TheMindFulMonk, StPaulMNseller, Supermansback29, Calvin21, MrShortPants....and many many others ..

And a huge thanks to everyone at Fox 2, especially Rob Wolchek & his team

Now get this folks in classic Fitch style he blaming everyone else for his failure to get his PPO against Joe Demarco secured - which was no surprise to everyone - well except Fitch (the Judge dissolved the frivolous PPO) - anyway here's a list of his 'deluded' reasons for his epic FAIL !!! ...

It's Demaro's fault for not being forced to attend court.

It's the Judges fault for not hearing Fitch's motion to suspend Joe's counter action.

It's the Chief Judge's fault for allowing cameras in court.

It's the court clerk's fault for not telling him there would be cameras.

It's Rob Wolchek's fault for 'ambushing' him in the elevator.

It's the couple's fault (involved in a divorce case heard initially) that prevented Fitch from being first in court.

It's the judge's fault since 'elections' are imminent and she wanted camera exposure.


Here's the original Fitch Hall of Shame Article on the Fox 2 website.

Check out Rob's facebook and twitter pages below to see some of Fitch's "Fans"


Here's a link to Fitch's full webpage "article" we captured, you can see this here so you don't get your IP scrutinized.

You can see from Fitch's article that it's everyone else to blame - he even goes after the Judge ...incredible !!


We've had many messages from victims of Fitch some were from employee's of his adult entertainment "bikini car wash" video business - claiming if they did not do what he said he fired them and proceeded to defame & slander them publicly - that has a familiar ring doesn't it !

Just as footnote - we will not be responding to Fitch's many articles now or in the future. We will only publish MAJOR updates from now on. We will certainly not waste our time rebutting Fitch's lies and ramblings since we all have busy lives to lead, Fitch does not work and has no social life so he can do his stalking, bullying, harassing and writing deluded nonsense all day (and night) long.

Fitch has been exposed for the deranged lunatic who is clearly not in tune with reality...let him live in this delusion and let him continue to waste his life away.

We will let this site remain in history for everyone to see and indeed keep Fitch in the public eye. 

Fitch (ebayisajoke) claims he owns the Fox 2 Report (FAIL)

Update 09/10/2013 - YouTube has reinstated the video since Fitch made this frivolous claim !

Charles Fitch is now claiming the video on youtube showing the Fox 2 Report exposing him is actually owned by him. He has submitted a FAKE DMCA claim to YouTube under the name of Dave Johnson (the FBI agent's name he used when he threatened eBay). He is a liar, fraudster and has committed identity fraud by issuing a fake DMCA claim.


Folks, can you believe his stupidity, he has no claim to this video at all - Fitch knew that YouTube do not investigate claims such as these since the DMCA puts the responsibility of the video 'uploader' to counter the claim and then Fitch would have to then state this in a court (that he is the copyright owner) to keep the video from being shown on YouTube.  

Fitch could not stand the fact that the video got over 60,000 views.

 In any event it's all over the net, so it does not matter - but Fitch (who claims he's not bothered by the report) cannot help himself - he has to react and attack! 



Here's a video showing the actual claim he made

And here's another video (which he removed) confirming he's the owner of the email address and in usual Fitch style he cannot resist throwing a tirade of Joe Demarco hate & bullying speech!

Fitch is begging for legal assistance to sue Joe Demarco.

Fitch (contributor 3) is now asking for an attorney to help him sue Joe Demarco for damages to his "good" name. The fact that he claims to earn several thousand dollars seems to be another lie, but nevertheless, he is begging on his page - let's be clear here this is just another attempt in "punishing" Joe for daring to expose him on television.


Another event happened last week which Fitch is quick to point out! Joe got a notice from stating that he MUST remove the "stalker" page that Joe as on his "" website for the past few months to balance out all the lies and defamatory posts that Fitch has made about Joe and his company (he's a shill bidder, cheap Chinese hubcaps, selling cars on his property etc.) claimed they have a court order that ORDERS them to remove the stalker page immediately.

So Joe got the page modified to remove Fitch's name from the page (he was certainly not going to remove it) while he consulted with his attorney and for to send the "order" for examination.

Joe's attorney reported back, the ORDER was a friggin' copy of the PPO that was served on Joe a couple of weeks ago. This was NOT an ORDER for to remove Joe's stalker page. Fitch had sent this PPO hoping that would "bite" and unfortunately they did initially...  The PPO "instructs" Joe only; it cannot be used frivolously against a company for to help "punish" Fitch's victims - indeed what Fitch has done is tantamount to warping the actual order for his own gains.

During all this Fitch had taken a copy of the revised "stalker" page that was up for six hours and he is gloating on his site that this is a victory - "he got Joe to remove his name from his site" - wrong, the original page is back up since this was created months before the PPO was served on Joe.

Folks, this is the level Fitch will go, and this type of nonsense is what Joe has had to endure for over a year. Fitch in his article (link below) is claiming that Joe should have sued him, well as we all know, unless the incidents have been conducted by Fitch personally  in New Jersey and Joe is willing to travel to Michigan - then Joe would have to pursue this Federally - the same applies to Fitch and Fitch is fully aware of this.

It was only last week that he lied on his site claiming that Joe had breached his PPO on twitter, now he's lying by "manipulating" Joe's hosting company to believe that Fitch had obtained a court order to remove his stalker page (this was to get Joe's site taken down BTW) - and this fool expects to get legal assistance to sue Joe civilly - he also would have to sue everyone who "slandered" (his victims) him and they are in the hundreds !! This man needs to seek "mental" help not "legal" help!!!


Click here to see Fitch's original begging article (this is hosted on this site - so your IP's are safe)

Oh and this web page says it all about Fitch - enjoy!!

Here is the video capture of the begging "article" for completeness

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