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Charles Fitch (eBayisaJoke) - Committing DMCA Fraud

Fitch and his continued fraudulent activties 

fitch teeth

Fitch (eBayisaJoke) recently had his YouTube channels terminated or suspended...Why?  

Well, he's been submitting frivolous DMCA copyright claims on numerous YouTube videos that show his face, he's made a particularly concentrated effort to target anyone who uploads the Fox 2 News articles. He submits the claims under the "person" Seller Critic which is a blatant violation of the process, however as we know the initial stage is automated.  But the best part is the actual reason of the actual claim...

"The use of the ebayisajoke character mask is created and owned by me Charles Fitch, no permission was granted to fox 2 news of detroit. The Guy Fawkes mask with the eBay logo on it was created by myself to express opinions about ebay and online corruption. As provided in the documents as proof, I am the original owner and copyright trademark owner of the mask shown in the videos. I am asking youtube to please remove the following video"

All of the videos have been apparently countered, and Fitch at that point needs a court order to keep the videos down. Well as we know he's a failure in court (numerous times) and a failure at life, now he's failed at these desperate stunts to remove his degenerate history. The videos are now back up including one that has over 37,000 views - with some interesting comments to read..

fitch yt00

To see the video - click here

dave carr

This is what this eBay Critic (online stalker, bully, scammer & terrorist) looks like 

fitch clef

Charles Fitch (eBayisaJoke) - The "oldest" eBay Critic (TROLL) Begging !!!

Fitch once again begging for donations to support his "Activities" !

Fitch beg2

Fitch (eBayisaJoke) is now using the KickStarter website in a desperate bid to obtain funds to support his decrepit lifestyle.

It must be noted that the previous frivolous case he brought against Rob Wolcheck, and Fox News Network was denied by the Judge Lita Masini Popke at the 3rd Circuit Court in Wayne County on the 12/17/2014.

So... now he's back to begging again. He has not however, stopped harassing, stalking and bullying and creating a plethora of fake names to "portray" his warped and deluded point of view. Indeed, what he has openly said is he will not attempt to destroy Joe Demarco's YouTube channel because he wants to see him kicked off eBay. What is more accurate is Fitch cannot live without tormenting or harassing people from the comfort of his one bedroom apartment in Canton Michigan. 

He's even tried to portray that his one bedroom hovel in Michigan is a high tech radio studio with a $50 dollar second hand condenser microphone and a fake partition - the lengths this loon will go to keep his delusions going - it's embarrassing, pathetic and very very desperate (like all his stunts) 

See the latest begging video below along with the "I'm just a critic" music score !! (Reading from his monitor)

It seems this "scheme" is as sucessful as his other failures !!
fitch kS4

He's that insane -  he'll probably try and donate himself to give his project creedence - although he has only a few weeks to hit $10K - LOOOL !!!

Given he claims to be broke and cannot pay for anything yet he can apparently pay to get Joe Demarco's channel shutdown

Screen Shot 2015 07 28 at 1.05.08 PM

This is what this eBay Critic (online stalker, bully, scammer & terrorist) looks like 


Charles Fitch (eBayisaJoke) - Lies to his Lawyer in an attempt to sue Fox 2 News

Fitch (ebayiajoke) Lies to his Lawyer in an attempt to sue Fox 2 News

court lawsuit web
As we know Fitch is trying to sue Fox 2, Rob Wolckek, and the News Anchor Huel Perkins for "alledged" defamation.

 rob3 huel 

Even though there is a plethora of evidence showing Fitch bullying, scamming, harassing, blackmailing, doxing and trolling!!! Fitch in his dream world thinks that Fox 2 will simply pay off him and his "lawyer" when it comes to a settlement review in May 2015.

Fitch has always denied that he ever bid and 'won' auctions on Joe's eBay listings. We have many times proven that Fitch did do this. Fitch is claiming that all he did was "call" Joe out because he started supporting PayPal; however, Joe only started using PayPal to stop non-paying (fake) buyers i.e. Fitch from bidding on his items using the 'immediate payment' system PayPal offers.

So when that lie by Fitch was exposed, he then claims he attacked Joe (continues attacking daily) because Joe exposed the buyers that bought items and did not pay or deliberately gave him negative feedback after Joe reported them for breaching the eBay rules. It seems Fitch is now using this reasoning because that's exactly what he did to Joe.

It must be noted that the real reason was simply because Joe wanted nothing more to do with Fitch - hence after the attacks on YT exposing Joe's eBay ID, Fitch stated to Joe "This will all stop if you unblock me and we can go back to making eBay videos again" 

Now, since Fitch is basing the majority of his lawsuit on this denial and he keeps flagging someone's evidence channels on YouTube, we have added this video which should prove useful for Fox 2. All of the videos were posted by Fitch to brag that he has the 'power' to harass and bully Joe and he cannot be stopped. Of course when Fox 2 got involved the videos vanished and he denied everything - this is what Fitch does best !!

Click on the image below to see how this all started for Joe Demarco

As soon as this video hit YouTube, Fitch relentlessly flagged all comments and links to it as spam and desperately attempted to get the video removed. Unfortunately for Fitch he cannot touch this site - even after many many attacks on this site.


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