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Charles Fitch (eBayisaJoke) - claims he is never wrong - FAIL !

Fitch (ebayiajoke) states his "investigations" turn out to be right !! - WRONG !!!

i-m-never-wrongWe pointed out recently the attack on Joe's UK fan and that Fitch had created a video in a response to our exposing of his EPIC FAIL where he believes the UK fan is Brian (chunkyfinch101) from YouTube. In Fitch's response he states that most of his investigations turn out to be right, well given that he has not identified any of us "ever", so that's a pretty significant FAILURE rate.

Check out the examples below..

As with the UK fan, Fitch was adamant and absolutely convinced that this (again) innocent teenager from Florida was our Matt Zolo, he proceeded to name and show pictures of this teenagers father (who is a lawyer), his father's business, his girlfriend, his college peers, his friends. Fitch claimed that he wrote to the teenagers father thretening him also. 

See video below...

A couple of weeks later, he released the following video stating that he was wrong about the Florida teenager, yet he was 100% convinced that he had found Matt Zolo, and slandered the teenager and left the video and text to get captured on search engines. You will also note that Fitch quickly brushes off this EPIC FAIL and moves on to another attempt to harass and bully someone else's area who he thinks is Matt Zolo.

Can you see a pattern, he initially justified his confirmation that he was right because our Matt Zolo called Fitch out on his website about this attack of the Florida Teenager, in Fitch's twisted mind that proved he must be right!! Just like when we responded to his attack on the UK Fan, that proved again in Fitch's twisted mind that he was once again correct, and that conclusion seems to give Fitch the right to slander, bully and defame.

No apology, no contrition at ALL, he simply felt he was justified in defaming the Florida family but was WRONG - well that's OK in the one-celled mind of the Fitch !!

What this does prove is Fitch will NEVER learn and that he IS an absolute psychopath and a STUPID one at that!! No sane individual would behave this way, and make the most outlandish conclusions regarding people's identities.

Also, in his last video, he states that "the UK guy came to America JUST to smear Fitch's name" Look at the lunacy with that statement, as if the WHOLE world revolves around this pathetic little fool in Canton Michigan !!

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 00.03.25

Fitch (ebayiajoke) mail fraud and attacks a UK guy on Vacation.

Fitch (ebayiajoke) mail faud and attacks a UK guy on Vacation.

Fitch has been exploiting the "send no money now" mail order items by completing order slips in Joe Demarco's name.  Now this is just a very minor inconvenience for Joe, however one of the companies have sent Joe the actual slip that Fitch completed (see image below). Now since Fitch seems so obsessed with mail fraud it's no surprise that he was the one involved all along.


In addition, Fitch has attacked a UK man who visited Joe while he was on vacation in New York. It seems that Fitch will attack anyone who is associated with Joe and especially if it is a UK citizen (Fitch has stated his hatred and disgusting comments about our UK friends).

You see Folks, this is just another bitter and jealous stunt by Fitch, he cannot stand the idea that someone thousands of miles from us meets up with Joe. Indeed, all Joe did was put a small intro on one of his eBay vids and Fitch made  statements about Joe and this individual being gay (both incorrect) and that he was also responsible for many of the videos made against Fitch by our supporter and friend Brian. 

This UK guy was a fan of Joe's New York videos (since Joe details the more unknown areas) and one of his children needed help detailing the historical background of areas of New York for a University project. Joe has helped this guy with a few eBay issues also, he is not a big seller on eBay, just sells a few refurbished smart phones. 

Joe has stated that he would meet up with his fans on his videos, so this guy contacted Joe to meet for a few hours while he was on his vacation. 

So, it seems if you are from the UK and visit Joe for a few hours, you're the same UK guy who helps fight back against Fitch. It's sheer lunacy.... They sound completely different, their accents are so opposite it's embarrassing. We have produced an example of the difference in the video below...

This is nothing more than Fitch hoping that he has "eBanged" Brian (Yeah right !! Brian would put his face on camera..NOT) and at the same time it gives Fitch the opportunity to bully and slander Joe, and warn off anyone else who dares to visit Joe !  

Fitch has no proof at all regarding this innocent UK fan of Joe's show; but he does not care - he just attacks, slanders and defames - THIS IS WHAT HE DOES !!!

We will contact this individual showing him this attack by Fitch and advise him to contact the FBI and the US Embassy!

See video below...

It seems that other YouTuber's are sickened by Fitch's attack on this UK man..


Contact the Daily Mail Newspaper along with JBF

Click on their logo below to email them.
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Update 10/28/14

Fitch has produced another video (saying all UK sellers are the worst) claiming that he has employed "voice analysis" (yeah right) which revealed (in his mind only) that the voices are the same (yet he is still only 80% sure that this is Brian). If he genuinely believes this then this proves he is crazy, but we feel this is simply about saving face - even Fitch cannot be this stupid!!

He cannot handle the fact that a UK fan of Joe's show (currently on vacation in New York) meets up with Joe. This is not the first time Joe's fans have been on his show (from many miles away) - this is pure jealousy nothing more. Fitch has no fans, so he attacks Joes - and a UK fan - WOW - Fitch must have been salivating at the chance to attack him and in classic Fitch style he now has with much venom and hatred !!!

As usual Fitch has got no proof at all, just his own warped and simplistic conclusions; just like the Canton girl, the Florida Teenager and many others who he's "concluded" are people who have fought back publicly against him.

In all reality this guy must have had no idea what Fitch was like; if he did he would have probably told Joe not to include the footage on his show, we suspect he regrets even visiting Joe now and that is a real shame.

He attacks anyone who associates with Joe - he's done it to everyone who Joe has any public contact - and hello - what has just happened?!

 In any event, as suggested, this UK individual has had enough slandering and defaming by Fitch. If this individual wants us to remove this article we will do so without hesitation, but we hope he will allow us to keep this article up since it shows in great clarity the type of creature Fitch is - scammer, troll, slanderer, bully and defamer !!

We will let Fitch continue with this bizarre fantasy (he will anyway) and let him bask in his deluded victory - we will certainly not give him any more excuses to attack this innocent UK fan of the crazeenydriver show. 

This thing below is behind the latest sick twisted stunt !!!

fitchwalking   fitchfox2hos

Charles Fitch (eBayisaJoke) - Lies about having Cancer

Fitch (ebayiajoke) lies about having cancer and thinks it's funny!!

A short time ago Fitch released a video on his 'website' claiming to have cancer and he was dying from the disease since he had refused chemotherapy.

Now, obviously we couldn't wish this on even Fitch and we all assumed that this was a genuine declaration, however, he also stated that this particular video would be his last and his video caption said "goodbye", yet a over the next few days he released several videos attacking Joe and Jason, so his revelation seemed dubious.

See video below...

 Not long after the video, he released the video below, claiming that he does not have cancer after all and finds the whole "joke" very amusing. Obviously the sick, twisted creature has no concept of the horror, pain and devastation cancer has on individuals and their families, yet Fitch has used this disease for his amusement and once again sunk into depravity.

We sincerely hope that the police, his "lawyer" and anyone who has had or is suffering from cancer (directly or indirectly) can see this page - the man is an absolute disgrace and clearly has no boundaries in his sick disturbed mind !! 

This thing below is behind the latest sick twisted stunt !!!


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