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Fitch (ebayisajoke) and his entry into the FOX 2 Rob Wolchek's HAAALLLL of SHAME!!!!!

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Welcome to our campaign for the arrest of Charles W. Fitch (ebayisajoke / seller critic)

Fitch is back in the Haaaaalll of Shame !!

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E.A.F. & S.I.F.T. are dedicated to raising awareness about an individual who has a long history with defrauding others. Charles W. Fitch has been indefinitely suspended by eBay for being a risk to the community. However, he continually creates new "stealth" accounts (under different identities) to commit fraud. There have been multiple victims who have reported this to us and we are taking action. We encourage any additional victims to report their experiences to us. This clown always threatens people with lawsuits who speak out about being scammed. This is a typical tactic reported to us. However, if you were ever threatened by this man, do not worry. A scammer tries to run away from the legal system, not towards it. In addition, he goes around trolling people for $25 donations. He also threatens others with bodily harm if they refuse to comply or follow his demands. We strongly discourage anyone from following his advice. Instead, we encourage all users to report any additional threats made by this masked fraudster.


Our mission is to keep eBay (in conjunction with PayPal) a saf
er buying/selling environment with one less scammer!


Well our "aged" rendition was close - here's the real deal !

ebiaj behindbars

Fitch's highlights in the Hall of Shame report by Fox 2

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